Meet Billie. She is wearing a spandex flesh-coloured body suit with a large, oversized zipper down the front. The body suit is unzipped and pulled off the left shoulder, as if Billie is shedding her skin. The body suit represents her physical body and outward appearance. The large zipper is meant to emphasize the removal of this outer layer.

Underneath this “skin”, the true Billie emerges. She is more than her physical exterior. Her insides are represented by positive coloured words on a black background which focus on a few key areas: her brain, her heart, what she can do with her hands, where she comes from and who she has the potential to be (feet), and her core which is the essence of Billie (belly). Outside these core areas are dozens more positive words. Any one of these words can be used to describe Billie and the beautiful being that she is.

In her right hand is a mirror, but instead of seeing her own image reflected back at her, Billie asks “Can You See Me Now”? She does not look into the mirror to judge her physical self, but to lovingly embrace all that she is which is more than just a body. The mirror itself is pretty and glamorous, not scary and ominous.

Dangling from her left sleeve, as she sheds her skin, are negative words. They are accumulating in a discarded, unwanted pile of black & white at her feet. The words are all face down…the power of words is strong and Billie needs no reminder of the negative words she is shedding. What’s remarkable is the power that this relatively small pile of negative words holds.

“Can You See Me Now?”