Brain & Mental Health Art Show

Brain & Mental Health Show

I submitted a mixed-media piece I made on eating disorders for consideration for the 2nd Annual Brain & Mental Health Art Show hosted by the Society for Neuroscience Ottawa Chapter.








“Get Out of My Head” was one of 80 pieces on display at the vernissage on April 19th, 2013. The event was hosted at Grounded Kitchen & Coffeehouse which was the perfect intimate and funky place for such a powerful show.

Get out of my head


There were tons of people, lots of art, a DJ and great food. It was a really neat vibe and it was cool to be part of something so hip! A video monitor played stills of all the art submitted, we could text our favourite piece to vote for the popular choice award and you could get up close and personal with the art. It was a well organized event and the art was very thoughtful, including the video submissions.


I was inspired to write a simple poem about the night and the feelings it evoked.

The music
The energy
The art
The passion
The pain
The stories
The sharing
The celebration
The hipness
The support
The friends
The food
The wine
The interest
The ideas
The families
The funk
The groove
The embrace
The cool
The judges